The bus number 292 going from the airport to the center passes along the J. Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, PAS. To reach the Institute you exit at the bus stop “Chelm” (the table situated above the driver sit displays the names of the stops), 8 minutes from the airport. If you want to reach the center of the town from the institute better take the bus 152, which go through the very center. There is 24 minutes to the main railway station (“Dworzec Glowny” stop).

From the town to the airport take the bus 292 either at the “Dworzec Glowny Wschod” stop and go the last stop.

To reach the Institute from the town take either 152 or 192 or 292 bus and go to the stop “Chelm”.


From the airport to the town – 3.20 PLN

From the Institute to the town – 2.80 PLN

an 1 hour ticket 3.60 PLN,

1 hour tickets are sold by bus driver only if there is no working properly ticket selling machine inside the bus.

There is also local train from the airport to the main railway station..

A day time taxi fare from the Center to the airport is about 50 pln


There are some places visited very often by tourists:




How to travel in Cracow?


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