5th International Symposium
on Surface Imaging/Spectroscopy
at the Solid/Liquid Interface

How to travel in Krakow?

The bus number 252 going from the airport to the center passes along the J. Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, PAS. To reach the Institute you exit at the bus stop "Chelm" (the table situated above the driver seat displays the names of the stops), 8 minutes from the airport. If you want to reach the center of the city from the institute better take the bus 152, which go through the very center. There is 24 minutes to the main railway station ("Dworzec Glowny" stop).
From the city to the airport take the bus 208, 252 or train
To reach the Institute from the city center take either 152, 192 or 252 bus and go to the stop "Chelm". Tickets:
From the airport to the Institute - 4.00 PLN
From the Institute to the city - 3.80 PLN
1 hour ticket 5.00 PLN,
In buses and trams there are ticket-selling machines which accept coins (192, 252) or credit cards only (152, 102), equipped with the instruction in English
If selling machine does not work bus driver sells 1 hour ticket for 5.00 PLN - exact quote only. There is also a local train from the airport to the main railway station. A day time taxi fare from the Center to the airport is about 50 pln

There are some places visited very often by tourists:


Salt mine "Wieliczka"

Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau

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