Oral and Flash Oral Presentations

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Speakers: Oral Presentation

Igor Averkiev
"A study of physico-chemical characteristics of the layer system ti-c-tx for electrochemical applications"

Dorota Buczyńska
"Silver nanowire waveguides for remote excitation"

Martin Buessler
"Photocatalytic Water Splitting Chemical Characterization of Strontium titanate by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy at Water-Solid interface"

Anna Dettlaff
"Surface modification of few-layer phosphorene with boron-doped diamond/graphene nanowalls for enhanced stability"

Maria Ehrenburg
"Characterization of oriented Pt nanoparticles on the basis of Ge adsorption"

Maja Glorius
"Quantitative in-situ DRIFT spectroscopy for describing gas adsorption on heterogeneous catalysts"

Arkadiusz Grempka
"Photo-induced conductance swithching in thin films of Dithienylethene-based corrdination polymers"

Paweł Jakóbczyk
"Noncovalent Functionalisation of Few-Layer Black Phosphorus with 1,4-diamino-9,10-anthraquinone to improve electrochemical performance"

Charalampia Stamatia Kalogirou

Gözde Karaoglu
"Electrochemical Noise Investigation of Lithium Anode During Charging"

Łukasz Kolanowski
"Electroactive carbon materials doped by heteroatoms"

Paweł Kulesza
"Development and characterization of functionalized surfaces for electrocatalytic and photoelectrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide"

Xia Li
"Sum frequency generation spectroscopy of air/liquid and gas/solid interfaces: surface structure, molecular orientation and dynamics"

Steven Linfield
"Overcoming the electrochemical limit of detection with Fluorescence-Enabled Electrochemical Microscopy"

Krzysztof Miecznikowski
"Heat-treated transition metal hexacyanometallates as electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction"

Rik Mom
"Operando XPS and XAS on Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers"

Wojciech Nogala
"Nanoscale imaging of activity and topography with scanning electrochemical microscopy"

Ekaterina Orlova
"Physical properties and atomic structure of sodium-doped La2MoO6 oxymolybdates"

Marita Pigłowska
"Starch as the flame retardant for electrolytes in lithium-ion cells"

Amadeusz Popardowski
"Effect of electrolyte and electrode material properties on manganese oxide-based supercapacitors"

Beata Rytelewska
"Oxidation of dimethyl ether at hybrid electrocatalytic interface composed of PtSn nanocenters acting together with Ru-black or PtRu cocatalysts"

Tomas Šalkus
"Synthesis, structure and electrical properties of Na4Mn3(PO4)2(P2O7) and Na3MnPO4Co3 ceramics"

Jakub Szewczyk
"Optimization of 2D-Like Polydopamine Thin Films from the Air/Water Interphase: Morphology, Hydrophobicity and Electrochemical Properties"

Burak Ülgüt
"Understanding the Interface between Metallic Lithium and Electrolyte via Electrochemical Noise and Temperature Dependent linear Impedance Spectroscopy"

Nianxing Wang
"Photocatalysis Applications of Viologen Based Hybrid Films"

Mohammed Ahmed Zabara
"Investigating the Solid Electrolyte Interphase of Metallic Li based Batteries using Temperature Dependent Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy"

Speakers: Flash Oral Presentation

Bartosz Adamczyk
"Electrochemical conversion of solid waste biomass in direct carbon solid oxide fuel cells"

Andrii Fedorchuk
"Synthesis and DPV investigations of silica thin films with vertically aligned mesopores functionalized by silver ions"

Magdalena Gawęda
"The corrosion resistance of the protective SiP(M)OC-based coatings for biomedical applications"

Maciej Sowa
"Plasma electrolytic oxidation of 6061 aluminum alloy in corrosion inhibitor-enriched aqueous solutions"

Tomasz Tarnawski
"Platinum decorated SnO2 mesoporous spheres as catalysts for ethanol oxidation reaction"

Konrad Trzciński
"In-situ Raman measurements of photoelectrochemical system – proof of concept"

Zuzanna Zarach
"Investigation of different approaches for synthesis of MoS2-based material and its application as a binder-free cathode material for asymmetric supercapacitors"