5th International Symposium
on Surface Imaging/Spectroscopy
at the Solid/Liquid Interface

Main topics

1. New materials for electrochemistry and energy related applications - their synthesis and characterization by in situ and ex situ spectroscopic, microscopic, SPM and electrochemical techniques
2. Application of spectroscopic, microscopic, SPM and electrochemical techniques in studies of surfaces modified by metal oxides, semiconductors, polymers, colloids, hybrid materials and nano-sized catalysts
3. High resolution imaging of clusters, biomolecules and biological systems
4. Fundamentals of surface structure, reactivity and electron transfer - comparison of experimental and theoretical results

Plenary lecturers

J. Feliu, University of Alicante, Spain
"Electrocatalysis in transition: from Art to Science"

P. Kulesza, University of Warsaw, Poland
"Structure and reactivity of catalytic materials for electroreduction of carbon dioxide"

M. Lapkowski, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
"Application of spectroelectrochemistry to study of organic molecules and polymers for optoelectronics"

R. Schlögl, Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany
"Towards Rational Design through Chemical Dynamics of Interfacial Catalysts"

Invited lecturers

A. Antipov, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
"Bromate reduction at rotating disk electrode via autocatalytic redox-cycle mechanism"

E. Baranova, University of Ottawa, Canada
"In-situ Polarization Modulation Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS) for Electrochemical Valorization of Glycerol"

A. Baron-Wiechec, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Culham, UK
"The possible effect of high magnetic fields on the aqueous corrosion behavior of Eurofer"

V. Barsukov, Kiev National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine
"Synergetic effect for on the interphase boundary for particles of different morphology during the interaction of nanostructured carbon composites with electromagnetic radiation"

A. Cuesta Ciscar, University of Aberdeen, UK
"Spectroscopic Evidence of Size-Dependent Buffering of Interfacial pH by Cation Hydrolysis during CO2 Electroreduction"

T. Czujko, Military University of Technology, Poland
"Nanoporous aluminum-iron oxides obtained by the anodization of FeAl intermetallic alloy"

R. Hahn, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
“Self-organized anodic nanotube: Growth, Properties, Applications”

I. Janowska, University of Strasbourg, France
“Bio-inspired synthesis, tailoring and assembly of (few layer) graphene for energy related applications”

P. Jasinski, Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
DRT transformation of impedance spectra for SOC analysis

W. Kautek, University of Vienna, Austria
“Photonics and mechanics of the electrochemical double layer: hot electron and nanotribological electrochemistry”

C. Lucas, University of Liverpool, UK
“Charge distribution at the electrochemical interface”

J. Macák, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
"Anodic TiO2 Nanotube Layers: Excellent Platform for Secondary Materials"

T. Masuda, NIMS, Japan
"Applications of In Situ X-ray/Electron Spectroscopy for Solid/Liquid Interfaces"

W. Simka, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
"Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation as a Tool for Metals Functionalization"

G. Tsirlina, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
"Reaction volume, a little known parameter of electron transfer: how to e stimate it from experiment"

V. Vega, University of Oviedo, Spain
"Hard-Anodic nanoporous alumina membranes: pores growth mechanism and broad self-ordering regime"

M. Vorotyntsev, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
"Electrochemical route to Co(II) and Mn(II) polyporphines and their electrocatalytic properties towards oxygen reduction reaction"

P. Weronski, Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
“Roughness of surface decorated with randomly distributed pillars”

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