Special issue of
Electrochimica Acta

A special issue of Electrochimica Acta will be published after the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to publish their work presented at the Symposium in a special issue of Electrochimica Acta (Impact Factor: 6.6). All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed with the same criteria as those applied to papers submitted to regular issues. The best oral and poster presentations from all participants selected by the guest editor will be eligible for manuscript submission. Each invited participant, regardless of the form of presenation, can only submit one manuscript. Previously rejected manuscript in any journal, even if significantly improved, will be rejected without a review process.

Please follow instructions given below, how to submit your paper:
1) Go to: http://ees.elsevier.com/electacta/
2) Click on the "Submit Paper" option from the top menu
3) Enter your username and password (first time users will have to register)
4) Select "ISSIS-2024" as the “Article Type”
5) Select "Sotiris Sotiropoulos" at the "Request Editor" dropdown menu
6) Follow the remaining step-by-step instructions to submit your paper

Submission Open Date: June 7th, 2024
Final Manuscript Submission Deadline: December 7th, 2024.